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Wednesday 29 May 2013

Sitting in with Hurtin' for Certain

May's been a good month for shows and collaborations. Last night's reading with Marguerite Pigeon felt great, and on Friday, May 31, I'll be sitting in with Hurtin' for Certain. The band is an old-time and McGarrigle-influenced project of Julia Fenn and Megan Kendrick; I'll be adding a little banjo to back up their lovely harmonies. I'm even going to play the hulusi, a Chinese gourd instrument, on one song. This will be the first time, to my knowledge, the instrument has been used in the service of hurtin' country music, so come out to the show and witness history in the making.

Showtime at 10:00 at the Rock and Roll Underground (189 Hunter Street West). We'll be followed by the always-excellent Sean Conway Band.

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