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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Reading with Marguerite Pigeon at the Spill, May 28

I don't give a shit about James Bond. That philandering monarchist can stockpile as many gadgets he likes, I will still root for the one-eyed freaks and diminutive hitmen out to kill the queen. My friends have stopped asking me to movies, because I always bellyache about the miserable politics that drive most blockbusters. Don't get me started on the libertarian wet dream that is Batman.

That's why I think the concept of a lefty mining thriller set in El Salvador is so intriguing. Marguerite Pigeon's new book Open Pit has earned comparisons to John LeCarre's The Constant Gardner and promises complex characters and an elaborate plot. It concerns a group of Canadian human-rights activists held hostage by a revolutionary leader, who demands the closure of a new gold mine. Marguerite will be reading excerpts from her book at the Spill (414 George North, Peterborough) on May 28, and at the risk of alienating my far-right mining tycoon readership, I'll be joining her to read some of my own prose work.

In a lucky coincidence, Marguerite's brother is my bandmate JC Pigeon, so there'll be music too. Marguerite is the evening's feature, but the Real Coyotes have been playing up a storm lately, so expect a lively time all round.

Here's Marguerite's website: Notice she's a UBC alumni, and I'm in the second year of my MFA. Cozy connections all round.

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