Official music page and soapbox of Matt Snell


I perform both as a solo entertainer and as a member of the Real Coyotes, along with Jean-Claude Pigeon. Influences include old time music, outsider music, clown schtick, and the musicians featured on this blog. While living in Montreal I performed with acts such as Lake of Stew and Feast of Spirits, and during my stint in Valladolid, Yucatan, Mexico I trained under the Incomparable Don Coyote and formed one-third of the Los Tomates trio. I am currently living in Peterborough, where I am more active than ever. Here are a few samples of my recent work; thanks for listening!

"Untitled" and "Rustlin'," are original; "Roll on John" is a traditional folk song and "You Got to Pray to the Lord) When You See Those Flying Saucers" is adapted from a 1947 Buchanan Brothers song.