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Monday 1 September 2014

Bang & Jangle Radio Hour Restored to Its Former Glory

Third time's the charm, I hope. Episodes of my old show the Bang and Jangle Radio Hour have been intermittently available in the past, but twice now the player and/or the hosting site has crashed, killing all the links. While you can't stream or download episodes directly from the blog anymore, my slightly inelegant but hopefully more permanent solution is to share links to my Google Drive account. From there you can download mp3 versions of the show for your listening pleasure.

I've somehow managed to digitally misplace a few episodes, but you can find all extant material by clicking on the label "radio hour" at the bottom of this post, and browsing the selection. In the process of uploading episodes I relistened to a few, and I think the show's holding up well. At least by the third season, it's a pretty smooth ride. The first season might be a bit lumpy, but if you go back that far you'll still be treated to some great tunes and a host who mostly has his act together.

Musically, the Bang and Jangle Radio Hour covered a lot of ground, and I hope you can hear the curiosity and the research that went into it. Someday I may even generate new content, but for now, consider this a Greatest Hits sort of thing...


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