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Saturday 14 April 2012

Bang & Jangle Radio Hour Season Finale!

You may have noticed I haven't been updating things around here as often as usual. It's not because I'm getting slack, I swear, it's because I'm toiling behind the scenes. My little project studio is finally off the ground, and though I'm not quite over the learning curve on my recording software, I've climbed the biggest hump. I've only just begun working on a new album, but already it promises to be a quantum leap in quality over my older stuff. I've put a lot of time and energy into acquiring and understanding the equipment, and I hope it'll pay dividends this summer.

I also hope you've noticed that this past season of the Bang & Jangle Radio Hour has been the best yet. To keep up the standard I've had to go further and further afield in search of new material, which has broadened my musical horizons exactly as I'd hoped. It's also consumed more of my time, so I'm taking the summer off to rest and give the artists whose work I only skimmed a nice leisurely listen. Meanwhile, I'll be starting my MFA in creative writing this July, and I don't want the quality of the show to suffer while I figure out the whole back-to-school thing.

So after this Monday, April 16, there'll be no more Bang & Jangle Radio Hour until September. I'll send us out with the biggest bang and jangle I can muster, though, and keep the rest of the blog updated with new and exciting posts. And believe me I've got plenty of big ideas. By my tally, I'm only four diners away from having eaten every greasy breakfast in the city of Peterborough. If you're a gourmand who also appreciates formica tabletops and peeling wallpaper, you cannot afford to miss this report...

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