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Tuesday 1 November 2011

Halloween Special: Theme Recording

I got so jazzed about doing a Halloween episode of the Bang & Jangle Radio Hour, I had to record my own entry. I debuted it last night on the show, and now it's available here so you'll be ready the next time Halloween rolls around.

It's a bit muddy, and only half of that is intentional. As I said on the show, I was aiming for campy, but I landed on brutal. I had a good time concocting it from things you can find around the house (broken music boxes, bowls of dead leaves), and my neck still hurts from screaming. That's legitimate anguish you hear, ladies and gents.

Speaking of muddy recording, you may have noticed I proposed a slew of projects in early September, and have been quiet ever since. That's because holiday specials excepted, I don't want to record anything until I know I can make it better than what's come before. That means upgrading my space, equipment, and know-how (a large shipment of hideous pumpkin-coloured acoustic foam arrived yesterday, for instance). Once I've pasted that up and I'm over the learning curve on the new software, my recordings should be sounding pristine in time for the holly jolly Christmas special.

But that's beside the point. Here is my ultra-spooky Halloween special, which incorporates the sound of being buried alive, werewolves, and changing your guitar strings into a horrifying span of three and half minutes. Listen to it now... if you dare!

Bang & Jangle Halloween Special

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