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Wednesday 29 June 2011

The Two-Headed Hippopotamus on a Bootjack Project: Week VI

(The Two-Headed Hippopotamus on a Bootjack Project is a series of impromptu recordings released on a weekly basis. Click the label at the bottom of the post for more details.)

Here is this week's entry, and on time no less. I was quite satisfied with last week, and a little nervous to find out whether it was a fluke. I'm relieved to hear myself improving on a weekly basis. I think this project started to heat up as soon as I started to focus on the one instrument I can really play the hell out of, my voice. Mind you, this track doesn't feature any mellifluous singing, just mouth trumpet, mouth tuba, and mouth trombone.

I've been to circuses all over the world, from Mexico to Sweden to Canada, and as hoary as the cliches are, I'm still enraptured. I've titled this piece "Two-Bit Trapeze." Production values as usual are a misery, but like the circus, pretend it's part of the charm...

"Two-Bit Trapeze"

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