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Wednesday 22 June 2011

The Two-Headed Hippopotamus on a Bootjack Project: Week V

(The Two-Headed Hippopotamus on a Bootjack Project is a series of impromptu recordings released on a weekly basis. Click the label at the bottom of the post for more details.)

 This one arrives nine days after the last - no fancy excuses, mainly nice weather tempting me to leave my very hot recording room.

It's a departure from last week, and I'm quite happy with it (although I'm likely to lose some of the friends of old time music I just made). I did try and get down to the THHOAB project a few times before this one arrived, but all my ideas kept turning out half-baked. I got frustrated and tried to stitch them all together in a pastiche I called "Cluttered Mind." Cluttered Mind featured some very interesting segues and some not-very-interesting performances. Luckily, I heard something in one of the segues which gave me an idea for what you're about to hear.

So, in keeping with the apparent theme of the week, I call this one "Spiritual Plaque." Come to think of it, that's my excuse for being late. It's all the mental clutter and plaque on my spirit. What can I say, I'm doing yoga twice a week and eating plenty of fruit so the condition can't last. I guess if the themes of the past four entries have been concrete, this one is abstract. The thing I'm happiest about is that it was done using exclusively voice, except for a little bit of shaker, and it is hands down the most musical of the five pieces so far. I hope this composition ultimately comes down in favour of the spirit and not the plaque:

"Spiritual Plaque"

(By the way, this file uses a new audio player, and I've converted the old tracks as well. If you've had problems listening to music on Bang & Jangle in the past, I hope this helps.)

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