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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Halloween Special 2012

I fancy I have pretty good taste. I keep my inner cheese beast in a cage inside my soul. But once a year, when the wind blows cold the leaves fall from the trees, I open the gate and let him romp over the moors, bug-eyed and howling, to terrorize the citizenry with his terrible lead guitar playing.

The Halloween Special this year is a cover of "(You Got to Pray to the Lord) When You See Those Flying Saucers" by the Buchanan Brothers. The 'Brothers, despite their upbeat bluegrass melodies and elegant harmonizing, were superstitious men who lived in constant fear of the devil and atomic destruction. Listen to their 1946 hit "Atomic Power" here.

The Louvins penned "When You See Those Flying Saucers" in 1947, and I haven't changed a word. All I've done is give it the minor key it deserves, and tack on a spooky intro. If you like it, I'm available to score your horror movie, but you have to shoot it before Halloween.

For comparison purpose, the original Buchanan Brothers recording:


And if that's not enough, why not relive past glories? Check out the 2011 Bang & Jangle Radio Hour Halloween Special here.


  1. Dig it, both yours and the original.

    Speaking of God...finally watching that doc you recommended, 'The Gods of Times Square' stuff. I have issues with the documentarian's way of doing things, but the subject matter is fascinating.

  2. Looking forward to your review. I thought his method was really just milling around Times Square for a whole year, and most of the people he talks to are actively begging for attention, so I'm curious to know what those issues were. By the way, have you heard of Holy Motors? It looks like it might be the greatest thing to happen to weird movies in awhile, but I doubt I'll make it to Toronto in time to see it in the theatre.

  3. "Milling around" may have been his method...I thought there were some moments where he seemed antagonistic, but I was kind of sick when I watched it and in a bad mood.

    Haven't heard of 'Holy Motors,' but I just looked it up. Looks interesting! I'll keep a look-out.