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Wednesday 5 September 2012

Chilean Rap Metal Production Credit

My illustrious career in the music business has taken me to some strange places - mostly bars and coffee shops - but I never thought I'd have a Chilean Rap Metal production credit to my name. Now, however, I've got two. My friend Patricio Salazar is collaborating with a bandmate in Santiago, and he asked me to help record his blazing metal guitar work in my studio. Then we sent it to Santiago, where DJ Chamber added the rap.

I'm sharing this here because I admire Pato's musicianship and I'm honoured to be a part of an international collaboration, but keep in mind this is very, very different from what you may be used to hearing on Don't expect old-time banjo or Waits-inspired lyricism - my contributions are limited to recording and editing the guitar. Still, if you've feel there's been a dearth of Chilean Rap Metal on the site up to now, this is your lucky day. Feast your ears on Apalos:

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