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Tuesday 20 March 2012

Bang & Jangle Radio Hour, Season 3, Episode 11: The Devil

What with all the holy music that's been featured on the show,  the devil on my shoulder insisted I do this episode. And I'm glad I did - there's been some fine music made in the devil's honour. Strap on your goat skins and douse yourself in hen's blood, here comes the playlist:

Robert Johnson - Me and the Devil Blues
Bessie Smith - Devil's Gonna Get You
Brownie McGhee - Dealing with the Devil
Bill and Belle Reed - The Old Lady and the Devil
Hobart Smith - The Devil's Dream
Sheesham and Lotus - We All Go to Heaven When the Devil Goes Blind
Raymond Scott - Devil Drums
Chuck Berry - Down Bound Train
Tom Waits - Way Down in the Hole
Daniel Johnston - Devil Town
Timber Timbre - Devil's Dress
Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs - Devil Do
The Scarring Party - Devil Knows Where
Jerry Goldsmith - Ave Satani
Les Baxter - Devil Cult
Beat Circus - Hell Gate
Chris DeBurgh - Spanish Train

As I write this, I realize I should've waited until Episode 13 to use this theme for maximum spookiness. Ah well - if you weren't spooked last night, chances are you're an inveterate sinner. Tune in next week for your chance to repent!

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Season 3, Episode 11

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