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Tuesday 28 February 2012

Bang & Jangle Radio Hour, Season 3, Episode 8: Stages of Sleep

Last night, I guided listeners through the four stages of sleep, with music to match each one. I daresay it went very well, and I was glad to be able to play some of the deeply weird instrumental music I haven't had cause to play on the 'Hour for awhile. If you were daydreaming when I named the artists, here's the playlist:

Frank Pahl - Lost Cork
Nina Simone - Lilac Wine
Moondog - Symphonique #3 (Ode to Venus)
Beat Circus - The Sound and the Fury
Islaja - Vaeltajan Iaulu 
Kaada - All the Things that Grow Old and Pass Away
Tin Hat - The Land of Perpetual Sleep
Hans Reichel - Could Be Nice Too
Eluvium - Requiem on Frankport Ave.
Carl Stalling - Anxiety Montage
Sun City Girls - Flesh Balloons of Tibet
Captain Beefheart - Old Fart at Play
The Books - Group Autogenics II
Roy Orbison - In Dreams

Note that on the recording I mistakenly called the track from Kaada's Junkyard Nostalgias "All the Things that Grow Old and Die," when in fact it has the much nicer title, "All the Things that Grow Old and Pass Away." I thought the former seemed a little blunt - sorry, Kaada.

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Season 3, Episode 8

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  1. My dark greasy layers dig that playlist. Listening now...