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Tuesday 17 January 2012

Bang & Jangle Radio Hour, Season 3, Episode 2: Would You Like a Glass of Water? A Brief History of the Gravelly Voice

I may be a honey-voiced songbird myself,  but I have nothing but admiration for the gravelly singer. Whatever genetic mutation it is that allows these guys to keep singing like that long after their vocal chords should be a bloody, pulpy mess, they make the most of it. Marvel at the gruff, animalistic delivery of these musicians:

C. B. & Axe Gang - Rosie
Blind Willie Johnson - Sweeter as the Years Go By
Louis Armstrong - It Don't Mean a Thing
Howlin' Wolf - Spoonful
Screamin' Jay Hawkins - Alligator Wine
Captain Beefheart - Electricity
Tom Waits - Falling Down
William Elliott Whitmore - Old Devils
Friendly Rich and the Lollipop People - Fatwa
Buck 65 - Spread 'Em
Bloodshot Bill - Be Mine Tonight
Yat-Kha - Karangailyg Kara Hovaa
(Special Bonus Track) Helen Kane - Dangerous Nan McGrew

 I happened to have a sore throat myself, so I talked a little less than usual, but I would still like to pat myself on the back for getting through the show without using the phrases "gargle with Drano" or "bourbon-soaked." As I mentioned, I would like to do a separate episode on the female gravelly voice, but I'm currently short a singer or two and would welcome your suggestions.

 The Bang & Jangle Radio Hour airs Mondays 9:00-10:00 p.m. on Trent Radio, 92.7 in Peterborough, or online at

Listen to this episode:

Season 3, Episode 2

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