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Monday 17 October 2011

Teaser: Belinda Bedekovic, Keytar Wizard

Tonight on the Bang & Jangle Radio Hour, I'll be looking at Masters of their Instrument. Since no one needs to hear twenty guitar virtuosos in a row, I dug a little deeper and found this gem by Zagreb's Belinda Bedekovic. Believe me, I'm not exaggerating when I use the word wizard. Although it is a little strange that she has mounted her keytar on a stand, essentially making it a synthesizer on an angle, Belinda's mastery of her instrument is undeniable. I enjoyed reading her biography so much, I thought I'd share an excerpt:

Belinda Bedekovic, from Zagreb in Croatia, began to take up music at the age of three and a half years after her mother Ivkica purchased first keyboard, red ''Bambi'' on which Belinda played her first note ''e''. And so Belinda, under pedagogical leadership of her father Teodor, professional musician, started to overcome note by note with a good grace, curiosity and child's interest, taking her keyboard as a new amazing and brilliant toy. That's how it started. First appearance on TV Belinda had at the age of 5. Her performance was accompanied by admiration of music experts because five years old child with impeccable musical ear professionally done recording session at first attempt. Stunned cameramen and director asserted: ''Even a famous and trained musicians can’t make it at first attempt!''.

The biography chronicles Belinda's growth from childhood to the present (you can read the full thing here). Recently, "she has been working on her project 'TORNADO ON THE REMOTE KEYBOARD'," and boasts that "performances are regularly accompanied by enthusiastic applause, sometimes even leading to euphoria."

Later on it mentions a collaboration with Sacha Baron Cohen during his Borat phase, which begs the question how self-aware Belinda's act is. But as often as the keytar is the butt of cheap jokes, Belinda's performance wins the day with impressive chops and Croatian flavour:


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