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Monday 8 August 2011

The Two-Headed Hippopotamus on a Bootjack Project: Grand Finale

(The Two-Headed Hippopotamus on a Bootjack Project is a series of impromptu recordings released on a weekly basis. Click the label at the bottom of the post for more details.)

It's done! A song a week for twelve weeks (although the actual average was a song every 7.7 days, allowing for construction on my building, nearby music festivals bleeding into the mic, spider bites, and summer laziness). I haven't listened to them all consecutively yet, but I know I like the ending.

I was hoping to go out on a fun and high-spirited note, and I think I managed that. Since I kept it instrumental for eleven tracks, I let myself break the pattern and use words. The end result is almost like a kid's song. Have a listen; I'll post some retrospective musings on the 'Project later: 

Two-Headed Hippopotamus on a Bootjack

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