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Wednesday 10 August 2011

Bang & Jangle Radio Hour, Episode 15: Instrumental Overdubs

Luie Luie
I thought they'd make a nifty pair if I followed up last week's show on vocal overdubbing with a corresponding episode on noteworthy instrumental overdubs. Here's what I came up with:

Sidney Bechet - Sheik of Araby
John Frusciante - Untitled #6
Hans Reichel - Oway Oway
Luie Luie - El Touchy
Frank Pahl - Lolita Ya Ya
Me - Goodtimes in the Swamp
Pascal Comelade - Le Barman de Satan

There's only one more episode left in the summer season, but there should be plenty to look forward to in the fall, when I hope to move to a one-hour format. And of course, I promise a bangup conclusion to the current season next week!

The Bang & Jangle Radio Hour airs Tuesdays 9:00-9:30 on Trent Radio, 92.7 in Peterborough, online at

Season 1, Episode 15

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