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Tuesday 31 May 2011

Petunia Comes to Town

I'm on a lucky streak, because just a week after seeing Sheesham and Lotus, another great Canadian musician is coming to town. Petunia will be playing Peterborough this Saturday, June 4th, first solo at the Spill at 3:00, with Dennis O'Toole also on the bill, then performing with the Minimalist Jug Band at Ossia starting at 9:00. I've been waiting for this one since the last one, so I just might try and make both.

When he plays with his band the Vipers, Petunia makes Rockabilly and Western Swing. I picked up a copy of their album I Live in the Past at the last show and I've listened to it steadily since. Solo, Petunia mixes his originals with old-time standards, the odd bolero, and Cab Calloway singalongs. The unifying element is his voice, which is among the most powerful I've ever heard. Imagine Devendra Banhart with a richer resonance and devoid of irritating hipsterism. He is also a masterful yodeler, and you don't see that every day.

His original compositions fit seamlessly with the classic material, especially "Lonesome Pine Hollows," which I'm looking forward to hearing again. I'm also curious about Dennis O'Toole and this Minimalist Jug Band. Hopefully I'll see you at one of the shows, but if you can't make it, here's a link and video as consolation:

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