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Wednesday 11 May 2011

Bang & Jangle Radio Hour, Episode 2: Songs You Can't Understand

Yma Sumac
Hope you enjoyed last night's episode. In case you missed any names, here's the playlist:

You Aularong - Cyclo
Mike Patton - Che Notte!
Kaisers Orchestra - Dr. Mowinkel
Os Mutantes - Panis et Circenses
Yma Sumac - Wayra (Dance of the Winds)
Musica Maya - My Heart Will Go On

Next week, I'll be covering Old-Time Banjo Styles. Lovers of the instrument, the era, and the generally curious can't afford to miss it!

The Bang & Jangle Radio Hour airs Tuesdays 9:00-9:30 on Trent Radio, 92.7 in Peterborough, online at

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