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Tuesday 17 April 2012

Bang & Jangle Radio Hour, Season 3, Episode 15: Year in Review

The Bang & Jangle Radio Hour wrapped up a year's worth of programming and went on hiatus last night. With forty-one episodes to chose from, I culled sixteen tracks and almost ran overtime trying to fit them all in. Here are the tracks I chose for the Year in Review episode:

Hans Reichel - A Life without Lychees
Yol Aularong - Cyclo
Blind Roosevelt Graves - Hittin' the Bottle
C.W. Stoneking - Goin' the Country
Roscoe Holcomb - Hills of Mexico
Koko Taylor - Wang Dang Doodle
Sun Ra - I Am Gonna Unmask the Batman
Bobby McFerrin - Good Lovin'
Billy's Band - Muz Zambela
Sheesham and Lotus Trio - Givin' It Away
Petunia - Mercy
Bloodshot Bill - Be Mine Tonight
Timber Timbre - Demon Host
Kodo - Lion
Frank Pahl and Klimperei - Cats' Tongues with Cream (excerpt)
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band - I'll Fly Away

Having to track down a dozen or more original tunes each week and fit them to an overarching theme can make the search for music seem a bit clinical, but I realized as I was putting this episode together that not only had I seen all my favourite bands of the year live, they were all Canadian; not only that, I didn't have to leave Peterborough to catch 'em. In a decade's time, I'm sure Sheesham and Lotus, Petunia, and Timber Timbre will all take me back to Perry St. circa 2012. That makes it a banner year of music listening for me, and I hope you enjoyed listening to the Bang & Jangle too. If you're a regular listener, do keep checking the blog for more musical curiosities and hopefully a radio revival in a few months' time!

Season 3, Episode 15

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