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Tuesday 8 November 2011

Bang & Jangle Radio Hour, Season 2, Episode 7: Angry

Angsty Weirdo Robert Graettinger
Last night's look at expressions of anger through music was probably more nerdy than cathartic, since I disallowed overtly aggressive genres. We did manage to cover a fair bit of ground, though, across a spectrum of the political and personal. Below you'll find righteous anger, wrath, cynicism, spite, and vengeance, most of it tuneful. Some tracks, like Randy Newman's "Short People," just pissed people off when they first heard it. If you're trying to keep an even keel, tune in next week and I'll follow up with Happy, Sad, any other emotional state you suggest, provided I can scrape up an hour's worth of music to match. Here's yesterday's playlist:

Rev. Sister Mary Nelson - Judgment
Harry McClintock - Hallelujah, I'm a Bum
Blind Willie McTell - Your Southern Can Is Mine
Leadbelly - Bourgeois Blues
Big Mama Thornton - I Smell a Rat
Nina Simone - Pirate Jenny
Wild Man Fischer - The Wild Man Fischer Story
Randy Newman - Short People
Robert Graettinger/Stan Kenton - Everything Happens to Me
Charles Mingus - Solo Dancer
Tom Waits - Hell Broke Luce

Did I miss anything? I'm certain I did. Let me know and maybe we can do a year end round-up...

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Listen to this episode:

Season 2, Episode 7

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