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Friday 15 July 2011

Two-Headed Snake Visits Ukraine

I've been slaving over the Two-Headed Hippopotamus Project for weeks, so imagine my delight when I read about a real live genuine two-headed snake. It's at the Skazka zoo in Yalta right now, where it will be on display until September. I'm tempted, very tempted to quit my job and go check this out.

The heads are able to "think, react, and eat separately," although one article notes that one is more passive than the other. Apart from arguing over where to slither, it becomes an issue during feeding time, when the heads try to steal food from each other despite sharing a stomach. Because California Kingsnakes sometimes hunt other reptiles, zookeepers keep the heads separated with a spatula during feeding time, lest the snake become confused and eat itself.

Although these things don't tend to last in the wild, this snake is already three years old and going strong. It's name is Gorynych, after the two-headed dragon of legend. I trolled the net looking for more details, but most articles are paraphrases and repeats of the info I've just regurgitated. If you want independent proof, try this one:

Or see Gorynych in action:

Had enough, or would you like to see a five-legged chihuahua, a one-eyed kitten, a pig with two mouths, and ten other freaks of nature? Have I got a link for you! Be forewarned, it's occasionally gruesome:

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