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Tuesday 8 March 2011

Catfish Willie and the Buckle Busters

This a well-known fact to Peterburgers, but for the benefit of anyone passing through town, I thought I'd send out a recommendation. Catfish Willie and the Buckle Busters have a Wednesday night residency at Ossia (Peterborough, Ontario, 231 Hunter St. W). I'd never seen Western Swing performed live by a full band before, at least not with such panache. When I'd just arrived here and took a stroll downtown, I happened to see them framed in the window, packed onto a cozy stage swinging in full costume, and it gave the heart ease. They're one tight unit, musically speaking, but they also understand theatre, thanks in part to the presence of the great Washboard Hank. I happened to be there one night when two Japanese ladies dropped in, and after Catfish conferred with them in Japanese during the set break, the band launched their third set with Sukiyaki. Now that's professional. Here's the lineup:

Catfish Willie - vocals, rhythm guitar
Washboard Hank - dobro, tenor banjo
Diamond Dave Russell - standup bass
Sean Conway - lead guitar
Matt Watson - mandolin

Check out some tracks here:

And because I looked it up while I was writing this:

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